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Relocation en Haute-Savoie et dans le Pays-de-Gex
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Your tailor-made settling-in support

Once your new home is identified, Alpes Léman Conseil helps you to settle in your new life. Our settling-in support helps you dedicate your time and energy to tackling your new responsabilities, without worrying about your loved ones having to sort out the mess.

We can study all kinds of requests, and connect you with the most suitable service provider if necessary.

Rely on the community

Since 2003, Alpes Léman Conseil contributed to the settlement of over 1000 families, many of which are still in the area.

To help you integrate in your new life, we can give your contact details to families we supported in the past so they can reach out to you. We can also give  you practical, useful or fun information on your new world in the first few months after your arrival.

  • Welcoming the movers and your container,
  • Attendance in the housing to allow contractors to intervene,
  • Relationship with rental agent or lessor,
  • School enlisting,
  • Purchase/lease of vehicle, furniture or appliances,
  • Import and registration of a foreign car,
  • Bank account opening,
  • Craftsmen coordination…

Relocation haute savoieAlpes Léman Conseil S.A.S. est membre de FAR&mg, la Fédération des Acteurs de la Relocation et de la Mobilité Géographique.

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