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Relocation en Haute-Savoie et dans le Pays-de-Gex
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Comprehensive departure assistance when heading to new horizons

Are you off to new adventures, to another region, another country? Alpes Léman Conseil provides your family with a thorough and spot-on departure assistance. We accompany you in all the steps to be carried out: return of your rental housing, closing of utilities, cancellation of subscriptions, inventory of fixtures, follow-up of the return of your deposit …

As we helped put in place the different components upon arrival in the region, we help you to “close the shop”, according to a list of tasks agreed together.

  • Coordination of movers’ quotes,
  • Preparation visit for the inspection of fixtures,
  • Tenancy termination letter,
  • Coordination and attendance at the house inspection,
  • Termination of utilities and subscriptions,
  • House cleaning coordination,
  • Small repairs upon departure,
  • Deposit return…

Relocation haute savoieAlpes Léman Conseil S.A.S. est membre de FAR&mg, la Fédération des Acteurs de la Relocation et de la Mobilité Géographique.

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