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Relocation en Haute-Savoie et dans le Pays-de-Gex
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Orientation Tour (OT)

Ahead of your search for an accommodation, Alpes Léman Conseil helps you to know your bearings in Annecy or the french Geneva area. Ask for an “Orientation Tour” (OT). We will help you discover Haute-Savoie and Pays-de-Gex, so you can address the concerns and worries of relocating, and better define your housing needs.

During a day or a half-day, we will offer a 100 to 300-km tour, along a route adjusted to your project and flexible throughout the course. Whether it is about discovering the towns and villages of Haute-Savoie or the Pays de Gex, communication routes, neighborhoods, schools, commercial areas, places of leisure, the program is flexible and adapted to your situation.

This moment is also an opportunity to discuss and clarify your criteria and constraints, and see how they correspond to the local real estate market. Alpes Léman Conseil is thus more familiar with what is important to you and can better respond to your request. On your side, you can consider your relocation with more serenity.

If you already have identified a new home, or even if you already have moved, it’s not too late. We’ll be happy to take you for an orientation tour to help you know your way around.

Know your geographical wherabouts

  • Axes of communication,
  • Towns and villages,
  • Access to airports and train stations,
  • Public transport,
  • Residential and popular neighborhoods,
  • Workplace,
  • Schools,
  • Leisure sites …

Discover the specificities of the region

  • Local weather conditions (“snowy areas”, sunshine exposure…),
  • Housing typology and market prices,
  • Traffic,
  • Border checkpoints…

Relocation haute savoieAlpes Léman Conseil S.A.S. est membre de FAR&mg, la Fédération des Acteurs de la Relocation et de la Mobilité Géographique.

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